Window Treatment Accessories

Choosing the right hardware for your custom made drapery project is paramount. Opting for trims and other accessories gives that personal touch to your curtains.
Take a look at the varied selection but keep in mind we offer so much more than what you see. Just ask us on our consultation.

Motorized and Manual Tracks & Rods

Tracks, rods, and finials are important choices and can determine the look of your curtains and the budget. We represent some of the best brands in the market and stand by the quality they offer: Lafayette Hardware, Kirsch, Forest, RM Coco, Paris Texas, and The Finial Company.

Aluminum Corded/Motorized System Tracks

Trentino Rods and Finials

Tiebacks, Holdbacks, and Tassels

Add a finishing touch to your curtains and drapes with decorative tiebacks, holdbacks, and tassels in many colors to complement your window treatment of choice.


Curtain accessories are used with curtains to enhance appearance, functionality, and overall performance. These also help the longevity of curtains, making them an excellent investment for any home. They can be coordinated with the curtains to create a harmonious and cohesive look.

Trimming and Banding

The Hobbs House
OMD Drapery with Rods 20


The addition of accessories to your custom curtain and drapes elevates the entire style

Your custom draperies need the appropriate accessories to be mounted on your windows. The most basic is the drapery rod, which can be made of wood or metal in many different finishes to match other hardware in the same room, such as door knobs. Some drapery rods also come with matching rings to hang your drapery or curtains. A café rod is hidden and usually mounts inside the window casing with lightweight café curtains.

If your window is quite wide, center support will be needed to support the length and weight of your window treatments properly. If you have an angled wall and your drapery rod needs to follow the angle, we can use an elbow bracket to realign the rod to the same angle as the wall for a finished appearance.

Other embellishments can add a large finishing touch to your custom products. Choose from tassels, decorative fabric strips or banding, ribbons, beads, or fringe. These embellishments are available in different sizes and in a huge array of solid and mixed colors.

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