Instantly upgrade every room in your home with indoor plantation shutters. Choose from real hardwood, vinyl for hot and humid climates, such as near the beach and composite for a very durable choice for busy families with high traffic areas. Enjoy custom-made shutters with new and exciting features of an invisible tilt for a modern and more streamlined appearance. Combine this with no extra screws or fasteners to tilt your shutters open and closed for the tightest and most consistent closure.
Graber Wood Shutters
Graber Wood Shutters 07 | decorative shutters for windows


Meticulously built to retain their color of paint or stain for many years to come

Premium shutters from Normandy are meticulously built with attention to every detail for long-lasting products that won’t shrink or change in shape, so they can close tightly over their lifespan to seal out heat and sunshine properly. The best finishes are acquired by taking the time to apply several sequences of sanding with finer sandpaper to achieve the smoothest and most durable finishes.

Instantly Upgrade Your Home with Shutters

Shutters are timeless and classic window treatments

Find the glamour and beauty you seek with indoor plantation shutters. Shutters look remarkable on all the windows and doors in your home, and they never go out of style like some window treatments. Use them as a standalone window treatment or in layering. Enjoy beautiful, unobstructed views out of the windows when you swing them open. Shutters fit all sizes and shapes of windows perfectly.

Premium shutters have premium features for you

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